Reason to choose us

Reasons for choosing Axis Driving School

You can be assured that pound per pound you have chosen the right driving school.

  • We strongly believe that pound per pound value for money invested on us is worth it , after all what you want is a combination of result, high standards, secure modern vehicles and of course high level of confident and focus instructors to make you achieve your very best.
  • Student discounts available.
  • Block booking discounts.
  • Further discounts when booking online
  • Latest cars
  • We literately will take care of everything from start to finish according to your requirements and demands.
  • Apart from long time experience, charisma and patience our instructors have the following certificates and diplomas: Advance driving diploma, Fleet trainer, Continuing Professional Development, Pass Plus certification, criminal records check certificate and more.
                Diplomas                  Office location
    See office wall view.
  • We are a dedicated team ready to deliver the best we can to provide you with loads of encouragement and professional advice on the road where at the end your confidence building is our main objective.
  • We run offers all year long and they are constantly changed for the benefit of the student. Check for offers by clicking on menu under price and availability.
  • Behind each one of our instructors there is a team working on your behalf and your requirements.
  • We only deal with experienced, motivated instructors which will give you everything they can to get you learning and achieving driving goals usually within a period required.
  • Door to door service, which means you will be collected from your home/work and returned back to the home/work address .
  • We don't refuse youngsters as well as the older learners.
  • Replacement instructor available which means if the instructor due to illness or an urgent personal matter is not able to cover your lesson and/or your driving test we simply send you another instructor that knows about your case and covers the others instructor's lesson until he is back in action.
  • If our fault compensation is given and that's because we are highly committed to your objectives and although it very rarely happens, we have a "refund" policy for which the student is compensated for any faults coming from us regarding your practical test.
  • We run intensive courses for which you can demand dates for your test to happen.
  • Intensive driving crash course come with a Guarantee which is if you fail your practical test first time with us, you will be rebooked your second test for free. For details go to intensive driving crash courses.
  • We avoid complications about our prices, we have divided it in three ways.
  1. Block discounts:             The more you book the cheaper it is.
  2. Student discounts:           Applies to full time students only.
  3. Deposit Word discount:  Basically you pay us a deposit where you commit to us and the whole course.  (This will enable you to go to full saving mode from the very start, you need to contact us regarding this deal).
  • We don't believe in taking you to practice on the same repetitive boring roads for as long as possible. We believe in putting you right there "ON THE ROAD" and make you build your confidence as soon as possible.
  • If you are not happy with the prices you can tell us who is the best value for money driving school around your area and we will try to match the prices (require filling and submitting form to us which needs reviewing and validation from our team).
  • We have a step by step "progress on" system which we will carefully plan and taylored according to the individual needs which shows lesson by lesson.
  • If you already have had driving lessons somewhere else then on our first assessment hour you will be guided through the process of getting you ready and up to standards either for driving lessons, late test notice or for joining our intensive courses purposes.
  • Our instructor deals with different kind of people and cultures everyday therefore they are very patient, reliable, have excellent verbal and corporal manners to what is our Axis Driving standards on top of this we have introduced odour free policy for the Axis Driving car, so our instructor as well as our cars will be odour free (e.g. smoking free policy).
  • We aim at getting you to be confident using the car and on the road as soon as possible the sooner you are ready for the driving test the sooner we will be notifying you so everything can be planned ahead.
  • We have a selection of vehicles that suits everyone and if you have been on a particular vehicle you can request to be put on that. Subject to availability.
  • Call centre is here to help you whether is a small or rather unusual question we are happy to answer your query so why not give us a call today.
  • Materials provided to get you ready is covered by us including books and cd's, conditions apply.
  • We have a selection of instructors in different languages, please ask for one in advance.
  • Reputation is only built over a long constant hard working period, we take you serious and your requirements are our priority.
  • Being at Axis Driving School will feel like being tought from a family business and not like a number and this is the kind of friendly atmosphere we will try to encourage.
  • We are constantly training our new instructors to make them become even better instructors for your benefit.
  • We have a clear refund policy based on terms and conditions.
  • We are regulated by industry code of practice which place great emphasis on professional standards and business ethics.
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