Meet our driving school vehicles selection

Find below our car list, pick the car you would like to learn on and give us a call and see if available for you. All cars we use are small and with great driving reviews from formal students.

 Ford Fiesta Axis Driving School
MANUAL AND AUTOMATIC CAR: (FORD FIESTA) Versatile, Intelligent, Nice ride
Toyota Yaris Hybrid Axis Driving School
AUTOMATIC CAR: (TOYOTA YARIS) Selected the best car of the 2008
 Toyota Yaris Axis Driving School
MANUAL CAR: (FORD FOCUS) Selected the best car of the 2004
 Hyundai IX20 Axis Driving School
Manual CAR: (HYUNDAI) Smooth, Gentle, Great looks
 Mini Cooper Axis Driving School
SPECIAL CAR: (MINI COOPER) Feel proud to learn on one of these
 Vauxhall Corsa Axis Driving School
MANUAL CAR: (VAUXHALL CORSA) Definitely worth driving it

* Subject to availability on your area.

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