Practical test day cancelled

We understand how annoying it is to be all ready for a test only to be told last minute that your test has been cancelled or it will be cancelled due to a technical problem, it is a highly unusual situation only more frequent at winter times however when this do happen you want to know where you stand so we have made a table below for you to understand it quickly and with some links for you to make things easier to manage from the comfort of your own home. Not matter what reason was there for your test to be cancelled please understand that none has had the intention for that to happen and that instructors work as self-employed which run a strict 48 hour notice policy which is why we may charge test hire or driving lessons.

Should you need to claim compensation the steps to follow are:
Step one - Check table below to find out if you entitle for compensation
Step two - Once identifying the reason click on the relevant links to help you claim (if entitled to)
Step three - You will be notified by email or post about your claim

Please bear in mind that DVSA has nothing to do with Axis so therefore they will contact you directly regarding any claim for out of packet expenses to claim this click here .

Reason for cancellation Entitle to compensation What will happen
Weather Yes and no If you turn up to test center then test hire will be waived off but driving lesson time used can't be claimed. Test slot appointment will be moved automatically to a different date/time.
Examiner sick or strike Yes, visit compensation webpage link above Test hire and driving lessons will be charged however if you finish your lesson earlier then driving lesson time saved will not be charged. We can send receipt by email about money spent on that test day so that you can claim money back from DVSA. Test slot appointment will be moved automatically by DVSA to a different date/time where normally you get notified on the test day. We can't estimate the time for you to get your money back so we recommend for you to apply as soon as you have a chance to do so. Your new test hire and lessons can be arranged but it will be a new fee to be paid if you want us for this test to happen again.
Axis car or driving instructor fault yes and no We will arrange for a new test slot appointment to be booked and test hire to be included, however the driving lesson time spent can not be claimed. Test slot appointment will be booked again for you. Visit our contact us page on menu above.
You, the student cancelled Maybe We will study each case on the individual basis, not all cases will be approved. Visit our contact us page on menu above.

All Axis compensations needs to be approved by management so your reason for compensation which will be judged individually so it will take some time to gather all evidence including the instructor comments, compensation maybe not approved. Administration fee may apply.

Last updated: 02nd November 2015

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