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     Emergency test slot search and Test hire booking service 

What is emergency test booking: It is a common urgent driving situation for which the pupil is expecting to be booked for the next driving test appointment as soon as possible according to his availability then once found his/her test then further arrangement such as the "test hire" can be included. 

Note: if you have an existing practical driving test slot already booked and require prompt assistance with a driving instructor, some driving lessons and driving school vehicle then click here

Note: if you're intentions is for us to search for the soonest practical driving test slot only and you already have an instructor and vehicle then click here

How flexible are we: You get to tell us when you want to be booked next for your driving test appointment according to your availability times and as an option you can arrange test hire (rental of the driving school vehicle) and extra lessons which be added on top, if in doubt call us to ask for advice.

What is your advice when deciding: Consult your instructor he will be the right person to know what sort of hours you will need according to your performance delivered and the progress taken while on the course. A common way to find out how many hours you are going to need for your next test is to check your last driving sheet report and find out how many faults you made in total, normally the amount of faults represent the amounts of hours recommended although if too many serious made probably better sticking to a larger number of driving hour practice as this will tackle your weakness points efficiently.

What do I need to know for terms and conditions: We will carry a search and book on your behalf, you will need to provide accurate information about your availability, if you have already provided this information to one of our instructor then we will take that information and use it to help us find you a test again. You can request to be called or text to keep you informed of the slot booking search progress.

What if my schedule changes all the time: Select non flexible at all (on the form provided next), then tell us your situation so we can be careful and most likely consult you before any booking

Prices:Test booking slot and test hire cost £145 any additional hour of driving lesson cost £23 and can be bought now (optional) using this service.

If you only require for the practical test slot to be booked for as soon as possible and want to arrange any driving lessons yourself then the cost for this service is £100.

What's next: Tell us your preferences below then select the service option required.

Please note: You will have the option to leave questions as "as notified before" this will tell us that not much has changed since you last saw one of our instructor therefore we will use the time table and preferences given before.

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