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Presenting the new star...Ford fiesta auto... the alternative to modern driving

What courses are available: Driving lessons, Refresher lessons, Pass plus, Intensive driving courses

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Time in advance to book with us for the course : at least 1 weeks or more, alternatively book online to check availabily for quicker times.


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  • Great range of courses
  • Discounts for students
  • Discounts when bought in block
  • Intensive courses run all year around and around your time spare
  • Friendly, patient and reliable instructors
  • Book online your first driving lessons and if you book in advance we give you extra
  • Customer services ready to take your call
  • Accomodation in London can be sorted if neccesary

    Automatic is more popular than ever, usually relates to easy, convenient, effort less and if you own a modern car then petrol economy is an included feature thanks to technology improvements, the most known of all automatics is the hybrid cars with the Prius being number one in the market, one of the big advantages about automatic cars is how much you can handle while driving, your left hand is most of the time free to use it when safe in any way while making some turns, taking a corner, checking your speed or perhaps doing some manouvres.

    It is understood that having all this fun and convinience doesn't come cheap they are more expensive to buy, to repair and more difficult to find when looking for a second hand.

    We are happy and proud to present you with the latest car fleet on automatic cars with a purpose... teach you to drive automatic, what ever your circunstances, you will find how easy will be to love one these, you most common mistake will be not to notice the engine when is on as the engine sounds are so smooth and quite that you won't even notice the vehicle engine is running even when driving in a quite place say a park, garage or private land.

    The leather interior will rather make you proud to be tought on one of these, the young look (See picture above) makes it not only easy to read the dash board gauges such as driving speed limit, engine revs per minute but also warn you if your belt is not on or perhaps when the weather is too icy outside so that you get to be careful on the road, or what about telling you how much petrol is left or the temperature on the outside, no words to describe it rather than a beautifly decorated vehicle with led lights giving you a wonderful sension of art appreciation in and out.

    We strongly reccommend to try manual lessons first before deciding to go for automatic driving license as having an automatic license will restrict you to only automatic cars.

Among others: Concentration, no gear planning any more, car always ready to go as you press the accelerator, not rolling backwards when up hill or a gradient.

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NOTE: If you are looking for intensive driving courses click here to read more.

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