About us

Hello and Welcome, covering now the London area and with over seven years of experience we have been establishing a reputation build over the years from delivering constant efficiency and proven results for all driving ages and gender, we have a large number of satisfied customers who has given testimonial on social websites such as Facebook explaining what we have done for them, whether is patience, reliability, encouragement, customer care or even friendly professional instruction for which value for money is our business principle and our core for future business. Our instructor will not only pick you up from your *front door* but will help you go through paper work and advice to help you become a competent and most of all confident driver on the road. Our aim is to have you build the confidence necessary to pass your exam fully satisfied to current standards, not only to make you be able to drive but to be an excellent driver on the road where fellows users can recognize the distinctive way of you having been at Axis driving. Learning with us means to be able to recognize small minor details of error, also bad habits, bad sequence of actions, reference points, carefully put together in a constructive friendly way keeping you with dignity of being a learner on the road as you would like to be treated. Remember that having that small question in the head of how things should be done and why could only result in a break up of building up confidence creating therefore a new circle on unclear issues, in Axis driving we will be here to help all the way through with wise advice. We won’t give you the best of knowledge so that misfortunes of driving can be reduced to a minimal amount. It is our responsibility to ensure you do safe driving however our team will provide you with the best of knowledge in instruction to provide with safety in a friendly manner but to ensure that in the end... build confidence shall be the key to your success!

* Subject to arrangement