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Disqualified banned driver your options explained

Advice: now you can act before your ban date is lifted!

We know that being banned is not easy in fact you will hate every day of the year waiting for that day to come for when you can reapply, but did you know once your ban gets lifted and then you decide to book a driving test you will find out that it takes about 3 months before you can book any test slot, the reason because you are booking a 90 mins test that otherwise it should take you only 45. The good news is that we have created a way to help you by helping you taking that desired test for as soon as possible after your banned date is finish, you want to know more contact us on 02074826940.

We are currently building this page. For more information about disqualified driving training and how we can help please call us on 02074826940 or contact us using the link above.