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Axis Driving school pupils

Please retain for your records a copy of these terms and conditions and any application form completed. All AXIS DRIVING SCHOOL instructors are self-employed franchisees of AXIS DRIVING.CO.UK. The contract between the instructor and the pupil is subject to the following terms and conditions:

1. General

1. AXIS DRIVING SCHOOL acts as an agent. Any payments made to the driving instructor will be a contract between pupil and instructor, NOT Axis Driving School.

2. The instructor shall provide the pupil with driving tuition at the rate and/or/with any discounts per hour previously communicated to the pupil.

3. Payment for tuition should be made in advance by credit/debit card or cheque (Needs clearance before acceptance) either direct to AXIS DRIVING SCHOOL The Driving School Agency or to the instructor, but in either case must be made payable to AXIS DRIVING SCHOOL. Alternatively the pupil may pay the instructor in cash or by cheque (made payable to AXIS DRIVING SCHOOL and clearance apply) at the commencement of each lesson. AXIS DRIVING SCHOOL can not accept any responsibility for any payments of cash made, or cheques made payable, to the instructor.

4. All matters relating to the timing, location, vehicle gear box, special request and duration of individual lessons shall be subject to agreement between the instructor and the pupil.

5. The instructor shall have the right to move or rearrange any appointment to a time convenient to both parties if the instructor is not available for any reason.

6. In the event of the instructor not being able to conduct a lesson or lessons due to circumstances beyond his/her control, the instructor shall have the right to request a substitute AXIS DRIVING instructor to cover the lesson.

7. Should you change/lose your main contact number(s) given to us in the beginning of the course; you are under the responsibility to notify the instructor and/or the DRIVING SCHOOL as soon as possible and provide an alternative number to reach you. If you own a few numbers you will let us know which is your main two numbers to reach you. Failure to contact you and time is lost trying to reach you then the DRIVING SCHOOL has no obligation in such circumstances to add time to the end of your lesson.

8. All lesson paid for in advance must be taken within 3 months from date of payment, otherwise the payment will be lost. Refunds are not given however a credit note may be issued by the driving school.

9. For any cancellations/change for already booked appointments we will require at least 48 hours in advance otherwise the pupil shall be liable for the lessons fee.

10. The lessons booked must be taken at the time arranged, if you are late for an appointment lesson then the instructor will conduct the lesson as originally agreed and counted it as the originally time hour(s) arranged before the lesson started. the DRIVING SCHOOL has no obligation in such circumstances to add time to the end of your lesson to make up for late arrivals.

11. Appointment cards will be issued as a reminder of some of the most important conditions and must be signed by the student as well as time keeping which should NOT be used as a receipt for payments. Receipts should be obtained from your Driving Instructor or THE DRIVING SCHOOL agent.

12. Course starting point normally is established when you book your first driving appointment with us.

13. All requests for refunds must be checked, reviewed and approved by the management and maybe subject to an administration fee from the total. You will be given a date of when you're likely to expect this money back. for more information check our refund policy information.

14. Disputes at any level can be resolved in a friendly manner approaching/writing directly to management, check links such as contact us for doing this.

15. Should someone be acting on your behalf e.g. negotiator, translator, email writter, etc, it will be assumed that this person will have rights to approve or disapprove events regarding your course, you will be the one in charge to tell us that you don't want this to happen anymore by calling us.

16. We do not hold responsibility for any driving test that is cancelled beyond our control e.g. wheather, examiner sickness, strike etc.

17. Test hire maybe waived under compassionate grounds so reasons such as not realising to bring paper documents on the test day will not be accepted, each individual case will be studied by the school and maybe considered for compensation. Test hire generally speaking is charged unless the test was not taken due to Axis car failure or Axis instructor fault. To read more about practical test days cancelled compensation click here.

18. If you change your collection point location from the origially agreed we may not be able to cover those areas however we may be able to find an instructor to see you at those locations but travel time will have to be counted as driving lessons time, if we can't cover those areas we may offer some alternative solutions instead.

19. Texting an instructor about some important issue or notification and not receiving a reply from the instructor it means that it is likely that the texts wasn't delivered and you may need to contact the instructor by phone-call instead.

20. Due to UK regulation, turning up to your first lesson without a valid license it will be considered by us as a late notice cancellation which means we won't be able to take you on the road and you may be charged for the whole lesson too.

21. If you move areas you may be risking the driving school not being able to cover your new area, for this cases if the instructor is not willing to cover your new area we will expect you finalise your hours where you originally booked. Subject to instructor availability.

22. If paying online on behalf of a third person, the original payer must provide copy of their driving license or another ID document that states that the person taking the lesson is known to this person and is also giving permision for the course to take place. This is for fraud prevention purposes.

23. Sometimes traffic conditions worsens without a warning which means that a lesson can't be guarantee to start at the agreed times however the instructor will keep track of your time used and you either will be compensated with extra minutes or charged accordingly for the time used at the end of the lesson.

24. Way point location is when a pupil request for the instructor to be collect him/her outside the instructor peripheral area, this way points can be arranged directly with the instructor where normally there is time deducted from your lesson time agreed.

2. Cash Students

1. General terms and conditions for AXIS DRIVING SCHOOL pupils should be read and understood by student taking lessons.

2. Pay as you go clients may be asked for the next lesson appointment to be paid in for in advance.

3. Over the phone card payments Students

1. General terms and conditions for AXIS DRIVING SCHOOL pupils should be read and understood by student taking lessons.

2. Due to card fraud regulation, we may ask you bring your debit/credit card you made payment with on your first day when starting the course or when coming face to face at the office, which ever is sooner, failure to show up with your card may result in asking to pay for the lesson in cash where a refund will be considered once card has been presented.

3. We can only process one card payment attempt for the amount you paying, any further attempts we may need to ask you to use a different payment method.

4. Card charges applies when paying over the phone check our payment page for details, which are non-refundable.

5. Card holder may need to be present when making payment over the phone and/or to authorise payment on behalf of the pupil taking lessons.

4. Online All card Payment Students

1. General terms and conditions for AXIS DRIVING SCHOOL pupils should be read and understood by student taking lessons.

2. Should we be at fault of not providing a driving lesson due to the unlikely event of negligence you may be entitle for refund (payment holder only).

3. Card charges applies when paying online for all cards payment check our payment page for details, which are non-refundable.

5. Intensive crash courses terms and conditions

1. General terms and conditions for AXIS DRIVING SCHOOL pupils should be read and understood by student taking lessons.

2. In order for us to book you for your driving test appointment, "Deposit" money maybe required which is non-refundable if cancellation happens.

3. Lessons must be at least of 4 continuous hours per day in order to comply with the intensive course regulations including breaks for food, water, toilets and resting.

4. In case of sickness at the time of the intensive course, we will be willing to re-schedule some of the time left to finish the course including the exam where five working days notice need to be given by the student. Subject to acceptance and proof may be required.

5. If on the grounds of safety and professional opinion, your driving standard is below the standard required, we can decline the use of the car for the driving test. This may result in you forfeiting your driving test fee. This is necessary to protect other road users, yourself and the DRIVING SCHOOL Car.

6. If your Booking is for a residential course; we will as agents for the driving school make appropriate arrangements for a third party accommodation service which is separate and will be added value to the price stated on our website.

7. Where required we will also on your behalf make arrangements for your Theory and Practical Tests for which we will need accurate information about your availability and prompt reply to any communication from your side.

8. When paying the deposit payment, we email you a welcome letter with all paid amounts done and the course plan including lessons and test dates.

9. When starting the course you will be asked to pay the remaining balance outstanding (Course fee less deposit money).

10. If you cancel the Booking less than fourteen (14) days before the date of commencement of the course, the Driving School will incur certain charges, which it will not be able to mitigate, including the driving test cost and theory test cost, any deposit paid to secure hotel accommodation or for the actual course, card charges, scheduled lessons, learning materials, posting. You may therefore be responsible for any such charges incurred.

11. If you cancel the Booking after the date of commencement because the Driving School has failed to fulfill its obligations then you may be entitled to be repaid all or part of your money by the Driving School.

12. The Driving School may have to cancel the Booking or a part of it if :- The instructor who should have provided the Booking is or becomes unable to do so as a result of illness, compassion leave or bereavement and the Driving School is unable to secure another instructor at short notice; or the Car intended to be used to provide the Booking is or becomes unroadworthy or in breach of road traffic legislation and such defect cannot reasonably be rectified prior to the commencement of the Booking and an alternative vehicle is not available, If the Driving School has cancelled the Booking we will ensure that either the Driving School or the instructor notifies you immediately. We will, in full consultation with you and the Driving School, endeavor to secure a new Booking for you. If we are unable to do so you will be entitled to be repaid your course fee (or part of it) by the Driving School. We will do our best to ensure that you receive your money back as quickly as possible in these circumstances.

13. If you wish to cancel your course or change driving instructor after the date of commencement of the course you must discuss this with the Driving School.

14. Your obligations should be apart from payment, You must satisfy that any driving test eyesight requirements (details of which can be supplied on request). If the Driving School instructor reasonably considers that you have not met the current eyesight requirement he or she is entitled to require you to have your eyesight checked and if appropriate ensure that it is rectified before commencing with the Booking. The time taken to complete this will be lost; You supply to the Driving School at the commencement of the course a signed driving license. If you fail to produce a valid driving license the Driving School can by law not permit you to drive a Car and accordingly your Booking will be lost; and You supply to the Driving School at the commencement of the course suitable photographic evidence of your identity and, where applicable, theory pass certificate. Failure to produce this may delay the commencement of the course until satisfactory evidence is produced. If you fail to supply a theory pass certificate you may not be eligible to take the Driving Test at the end of the course, and accordingly any test fee may be forfeit; and You attend you lessons on time. Failure to do so will result in your losing time and the Driving School has no obligation in such circumstances to add time to the end of your lesson to make up for late arrival.

15. Guarantee is not exchangeable, not returnable should you pass your test on your first time around.

16. Whether a mistake from our side has been made; this need to be raised with the school almost immediately rather than later so that an instructor/vehicle can be arrange quickly (although this may not be available at the time) otherwise charges such as instructor attendance and future bookings can be taken into account in a dispute, which is part of our cancellation policy.

17. Be ware that weekends practical test bookings are harder to get as only a few test centres do this kind of service.

18. Hour assessment driving time maybe reduced depending on the pupil confidence when dealing with the vehicle and dealing with road procedures, any verbal explanation about the course, student dropping off-collection and whatever teaching time or debrief given in the hour assessment is all counted towards the hour assessment.

19. Should you not have taken an hour assessment before starting your intensive driving course, we will take your word as for the total driving experience however you should be aware that this might affect you being up to standards for the test because of time limitations and/or might affect as well health and safety decisions such as the test car hire, all this fall under the instructor own opinion on how you are performing during the course.

20. In the unlikely event of a driving test being cancelled by the examiner because of car related matters we will be booking your next test for as soon as possible and take you to the test solely from the time left remaining when the fault had been found. Further arrangements will be entirely between you and the instructor at his own discretion subject to administration approval first.

21. Commencement day normally defined as your first starting lesson organised and agreed (even verbally) with the DRIVING SCHOOL.

22. Guarantee maybe changed for driving lessons equivalent if instructor suggest it and candidate taking lesson runs out of money for extra lessons required under health and safety.

23. Guarantee doesn't mean we will put you on a test each time you fail it, it means we only cover your second attempt if you fail your first one plus 2 hours of driving lesson.

24. On a lesson lasting more than 2 hours the instructor is allowed to have a break however if this is not used in this way the instructor may finish the lesson 10-20 minutes earlier for this purpose however the lesson will be counted as if the lesson time was completed.

6. Temporary offers

Up to 50% discount on your first introduction lesson

1. General terms and conditions for AXIS DRIVING SCHOOL pupils should be read and understood by student taking lessons.

2. Booking required with at least 1, 2 or 3 weeks in advance from today's date.

3. This offer is only available online which means you are required to pay and book online, it is recommended you check availability first using our phone system or online booking system.

4. This offer is intended for beginner drivers only with UK provisional license and with not driving test booked in the near future.

5. This offer is not transferable and once bought it can't be refunded. Check our policy on cancellation/refunds and online payments above.

6. Applies to new AXIS DRIVING SCHOOL students only.

7. It can only be used once and is only intended as an introductory offer similar to trial lessons.

8. You still required to reply to our initial booking confirmation customer service contact so we will use your given contacts to do so, without your reply your booking will not be confirmed.

7. Test slot booking service

1. General terms and conditions for AXIS DRIVING SCHOOL pupils should be read and understood by student taking lessons.

2. This service is free for Axis students doing driving lessons, late test notice or intensive courses with deposit or entire course paid.

3. Your availability for the test date can be changed as long as you give us at least five working days notice before the test date and time has been notified to you, you can inform us of any issue around your personal life by either you contacting your designated instructor or by calling us directly, if you are a busy person you will be asked to text your test booking service requirements to us, word of mouth is a valid notification method although email or text is a better and a preferable notification method as to avoid misleading or confusing situations.

4. We are a third party dealing with your test booking so we will only be able to move your test date if the software accepts it so it is very important that you arrange your personal life around the original test date appointment booked and try to keep this date although if you do need us to move it we will be asking for further information and a good reason to do this, failure to give a good reason may result in a complete cancellation of your booking if time left to the test date allows it.

5. If you request to be called before any test slot is booked then we will expect your phone kept on all the time or that you will be able to come back to us as soon as possible otherwise booking will not happen.

6. Deposit required for this service which non refundable if cancellation is not done with at least 5 working days before the test slot booking date.

7. Notifications are normally by text or phone but if you require an email notification then this needs to be told to your instructor or to us directly preferably.

8. All test booking on your behalf is solely for the purpose of facilitating your life, we are not liable in case you have left it to late to come back to us over some scheduling problem, or perhaps you have left us to believe by text that you will be available and then find out too late that this is not possible as well as you becoming sick last minute or forgetting an important event close to the test appointment already booked. We have an excellent communication with instructors regarding this issues. Failure to notify us important information in time may result in a slot being booked and you having to be charged for that test slot booking fee.

9. Test hire may include dropping you back home as long as you have not returned late from your driving test or you live locally and the journey doesn't take longer than 15 minutes from the test center.

10. Test booking and test hire is refundable if it's cancelled before 5 working days before the actual test slot appointment date.

11. Refunds are usually given using the original method payment except cash or PayPal, we may require your bank account details.

12. Extra fee maybe charged for disqualified/banned drivers due to the long process to book a test for them and for the fact that two test slots bookings need to be booked.

13. It is your responsibility to inform us of any personal issues or time schedule conflicts that may occur during, while or after the process of booking your test slot and to keep us updated of your main contact number(s) and email(s) addresses in order to reach you.

14. You may request a minimum days notice before booking your slot which must be within reason of what we can realistically do. Be sensible and realistic on what you ask us to do otherwise it may result in the test slot search to be cancelled until you can negotiate time off from your current commitments.

15. New test slot searches require for you to tell us about the whole search criteria again, we won't assume it is exactly the same criteria as the one before.

16. If you pick a test slot search job where you request a confirmation before booking, this comes at an extra cost normally where the service has a limitation too and that is that you have a number of times we will actually contact you for every search, if you don't answer to this contacts or reject the test details found then it will count towards the number of contacts.