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   Refund process steps

​​​​​​​  What we will need for refunds

​​​​​​​  Table with time taken for any amounts refund

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Axis refund policy

Our refund policy is based according to our terms and conditions. Deposits are strictly non refundable. Refund will take up to 2 weeks to be released and showing into your account see table below . If a third party is paying on behalf of someone else then we require for card holder to request a written cancellation which can be sent by email. In principle the more work you asked us to do in order to get a placement and reserve your course and the later you leave it to cancel the more charges there will be, we will try to maintain a fair balance between driving instructors being affected by work cancelled at short notice and student reasons for cancelling.

1. Refund process steps

Step 1: Formal student or payee request to have the course cancelled and refunded and reason for it.

Step 2: Once confirmation of your last payment received on our side then a refund calculation letter will be created and sent to you which needs to be signed.

Step 3: Once all of above it has been received we can issue a refund. Approximate time length for you to receive and show on your account will depend on original payment method and amount claiming. Check table below.

2. What we will need for refunds

1. Reason for cancellation and refund verbal and written request

2. If a complaint has been issued we will need to dig into the whole story before issuing a refund

3. Account details (payment holder) unless payment was done by debit/credit card.

4. How much are you claiming for, e.g. I want to claim for the remaining balance of my driving course.

5. Signed copy of refund acceptance letter.

3. Table with time taken for any amounts refund

The table below will help you understand the time taken for any amounts refund to come back to your account which will happen after you have agreed to the refund amount or when the money show up on our account (which ever is latest).


Approximate time

Amount: £0    to £50

Approximate time: Straight away

Amount: £51   to £100

Approximate time: 1   day

Amount: £101  to £150

Approximate time: 3  days

Amount: £151  to £200

Approximate time: 5  days

Amount: £201 to £250

Approximate time: 7  days

Amount: £251 to £300

Approximate time: 9  days

Amount: £301 to £350

Approximate time: 11  days

Amount: £351 to £400

Approximate time: 13 days

Amount: £401 and above

Approximate time: up to 2 weeks

4. Change rate of driving lessons per hour to full rate table

Rate of driving lessons per hour can be changed to full rate if e.g discount was originally given because it was bought as a block, offer or package. Below is a list of items which maybe charged individually:


Costs/charges (if applicable)

Item: Theory test material DVD or Book

Costs/charges (if applicable): £30 to £80 max (most of the time will be charge £30 unless it is a special request)

Item: Theory test slot booking

Costs/charges (if applicable): £50

Item: Practical test slot booking

Costs/charges (if applicable): £75

Item: Test hire

Costs/charges (if applicable): £120

Item: Automatic gear box one charge

Costs/charges (if applicable): £70

Item: Posting

Costs/charges (if applicable): £3 to £5 max per letter

Item: Driving lessons hourly rate

Costs/charges (if applicable): This will depend on how many hours your managed to use, your area and whether you are currently full time student. This is also often call discontinuance charge, which means that the hourly rate must be worked out again as you didn't complete de block.

Item: Advance booking lesson (48 hours notice not given)

Costs/charges (if applicable): Full price

Cancellation charged per day (4 hour lesson). Note: Day 0 is the day you cancelled your course

Day 0
Full charge
Day 1
Full charge
Day 2
Full charge
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8
Day 9
Day 10
Day 11
Day 12
Day 13
Day 14

Item: Administration fee

Costs/charges (if applicable): £20 if refund less than £200, £25 if refund less than £300 or £35 if refund equal or greater than £300. Administration charges help us recover time spent investigating each refund case.

Item: Test booking fee slot search

Costs/charges (if applicable): £45 for each time your test booked,changed or cancelled on your behalf(theory and/or practical).

Item: Debit or credit card transaction fees

Costs/charges (if applicable): The fee depends on the card used and the amount processed to find out more go to card payment charges

Item: Cash deposits including electronic transfers

Costs/charges (if applicable): Free of charge. To find out more go to card payment charges

Item: Third party accommodation deposit

Costs/charges (if applicable): Non returnable

5. Remember

All refunds needs to be approved by management so your reason for refund it is important which will be judged individually so it will take some time to gather all evidence including the instructor comments, refunds maybe not approved and if so a credit note (transferable by name) maybe given instead as an act of good faith. Administration fee may apply.